charley Recovered Q.D.C.V. Real estate

After his education in 2000 Charley started working at a well established real estate agency in Holland (´t Gooi). There over the course of 10 years he acquired much experience
and knowledge of the real estate market.
In 2011 Charley decided to come to the Algarve and join his family at the hotel.
Because we have many clients interested in buying and selling it seemed only logical to pick up his old job.
Charley understands perfectly how to offer the best possible service and guidance in the process of buying and selling property. We work closely with several local contractors and workers so that any property can be changed in to your personal paradise!
He speaks Portuguese, English, French and Dutch.
You can always call or e-mail for more information.
Email: qdcv@icloud.com
Phone: 00351 937 549 812